5 Best URL Shorteners in 2023

No one wants to click such a link, even if it is within the number of characters. The fact is that short URLs will always be the best. They’re easier to read and provide a more pleasant experience for customers and those who follow social media. They’re also easy to acquire. This is why we’re going to reveal the best URL shorteners available by reputed Web Design London companies to help you choose the one that is most suitable for your needs for sharing links.

The most effective URL shorteners, compared:

1. is an alternative to link shorteners with an extra. It’s not just a tool for creating custom links to promote your brand. However, you can also create CTA blocks and add them to your site, blog posts, and social media.

When creating your shortened link, you can choose from a range of choices for personalization. You can alter the look, including the color and text, as well as include images and buttons and even build forms.

Which is the most effective way to convert? Sniply is here to help. You can improve conversions by conducting A/B testing and managing your data through your Analytics tab. This tab lets you track clicks, conversions, average pages per visit, and many more. You can also filter your information by campaign, brand and timeframes.

Another helpful feature is its browser extensions available for Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. Anywhere you’re on the internet or finding a fascinating article, your readers will appreciate or use the context of a social media marketing tool like Buffer and Sprout Social; you can start the extension, type in the URL, modify your CTA and then generate your link quickly.

Price: Free plan with some options. Paid plans start at $29 per month ($25/per month per year).

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2. JotURL:

JotURL is more than a URL-shortening tool. It’s a cost-efficient, feature-packed marketing tool for companies who wish to optimize their links for marketing campaigns to generate leads and boost revenue.

JotURL offers over 100 functions that aim to optimize each interaction with your customers by tracking and monitoring your links to ensure they’re running at their highest.

When you use branded links, you create an unbeatable and reliable experience for your customers. Through their social opt-in CTA feature, you can improve these links branded with a customized call-to-action that you can post via social media.

Each link is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure they’re secure and readily accessible. Furthermore, they are monitored 24/7 for click fraud, which helps remove clicks from bots so that you can block these sites and IP addresses.

Access all your analytics on one easy dashboard. Sort and filter your data using keywords, sources, channels, sources, etc., to let you know how your links perform.

Additionally, you can utilize Instagram’s InstaURL feature to build mobile-friendly websites for social networks. They work well, mainly when you use Instagram.

Prices start at EUR9/month, and there’s an offer for discounts on yearly plans.

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3. Bitly:

Bitly is among the most well-known URL shorteners in the world. In addition, you can create any number of short hyperlinks you like.

With Bitly, you can track the clicks of your links, their locations and even the most popular referrers. This can be useful to fine-tune your campaign and place your content where it is most likely to be noticed and shared. If you’re looking to simplify your advertising in the future, connect Bitly to Zapier and automate the use of other applications that work with Zapier.

Each link you create using Bitly is protected by HTTPS to protect against third-party interference. This means that your audience will be OK with whether your links are taken over and taken to other websites.

If you’d like to create QR codes, use deep mobile links to direct those interested in the appropriate content at the right moment and replace the ‘ part with your branding.

Price Free to use with having an account. To make creating and managing links more efficient, sign up for an account for free. For a custom domain and more brand-named links, premium plans begin at $29/month.

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4. TinyURL:

TinyURL is a simple and user-friendly URL shortener.

For the first step, type in the URL you wish to reduce; voila, it’s now small for you. To make it even more straightforward (though I wonder if it’s feasible!), It is possible to include TinyURL in any web browser for quick access and quicker shortening of links.

The links you have shortened will stay active.

Paid plans come with additional features like monitoring and analytics for up to two years. The dashboard lets you look at the locations of the globe that clicks are coming in from, along with dates, times, and various types of devices.

If you’re concerned about branding your website, don’t worry. There’s an option for branding and customizing, which lets you alter the front half of your URLs with shortened versions and include the domain of your choice or subdomain.

Price: Free. Paid plans begin at $12.99/month. Discounts for the year are available.

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5. Rebrandly:

Rebrandly is a URL shortener tool perfect for branding and customizing URLs to establish a brand-new business in the digital ocean of rivals.

It will help set up your website’s domain name to allow you to use it for every short link you design. However, it’s more than that. It includes some features like:

Link Management: Design and manage fast redirects, including QR codes, links expirations and URL slugs that are custom to give users the best experience. In addition, you can batch-create links and save time.

  • Pricing: It’s a free plan, and premium plans begin at $29/month if you need access to more advanced features like large-scale link building, link retargeting or team collaboration.


It’s crucial to note it’s different from the case that all URL shorteners work the same way.

If you’re looking for a free uncomplicated online URL shortener, is your best choice. Their free service is fantastic. However, it is also perfect for Web Development London businesses.

For those who are not experienced and require efficient and simple link shortener software, look into TinyURL.

Here you are! The best URL shorteners are currently available. And the best thing is, whatever your requirements for link shortening will be, you’ll find a solution to meet them.

If you’re searching for a powerful tool or a URL shortener for free and an alternative for the Google URL shortener that’s no longer accessible, you’ll find something suitable for your needs.

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