5 Productivity apps that is better on Galaxy Z Fold4

Foldable mobile phones are becoming mainstream in business as Samsung continues to release new and innovative features with every Galaxy Z series release. Its 7.6-inch touch screen display, as well as the multi-window experience of Galaxy Z Fold4, represents an opportunity for both end-users and developers. With the added screen area, developers are modifying their apps to fit the foldable design and making them look more like desktop-style apps.

Here are a few of the most reputable Web Design London companies that Samsung has partnered with to speed up development and optimize its foldable devices, such as Galaxy Z Fold4:

1. Begin with Zoho CRM:

It’s a scenario that almost every salesperson can relate to. After a productive customer meeting with clearly defined tasks, when you return to your Office, it’s hard not to think that you’ve missed something. With Bigin by Zoho CRM, you can record those important actions when you’re on the move. Previously, the software used to manage customer relationships was primarily desktop-based; however, Begin by Zoho CRM has changed this.

The app has been optimized for various screen sizes, including Z Tablet Mode Display. With this display, it is easy to review and update all the information that you need to know about where a customer is in the sales process. The Bigin app from Zoho CRM is compatible with Z Fold4’s Multi-Active Window, permitting you to split the screen into multiple windows to display different aspects of the application. You can, for instance, keep track of your daily activities and be notified about future events, and get access to the same view of all your customers’ data without switching between screens, even when you’re on the move.

Purchase the Galaxy Z Fold4 and get 50 percent off Bigin’s annual plans. Up to $200 savings.

2. DocuSign:

Anyone with experience in sales can tell when a potential client is willing to sign a contract. This means that you must be able to communicate documents and sign and monitor important agreements for closing new businesses almost anywhere at any moment. DocuSign has become a standard for business, as it is a simplified digital agreement tool, and its DocuSign eSignature mobile app runs perfectly on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Galaxy Z Fold4.

If you receive an email attachment that requires your signature, you may download the attachment, open it, and split your screen in tablet mode, alternating between emails and the DocuSign eSignature app. You can drag and drop this file into eSignature. Then, move the email window inward to close it until DocuSign’s full screen. Fold it into Flex Mode and set it horizontally on a flat surface. In a matter of seconds, you’ll see your contract on the top part of the screen. You will also see the signature area at the bottom to sign it with your finger or an optional S Pen. The contract is now signed.

Purchase Galaxy Z Fold4 and save 20 percent off a DocuSign electronic signature plan.

3. Fresh Books:

Accounting and billing Web Design London Company Fresh Books is designed to work with Multi-Active Windows. In the split screen, you can refer to information about your client’s project and your accounting dashboards and generate invoices within minutes. Utilize the split screen to examine data side-by-side in your Fresh Books platform. You can also refer to data in other apps such as Mail and Microsoft Excel. “Since most of our small-business owners are on smartphones, it made sense to join forces with Samsung to enable them to use the Fresh Books Android application using Samsung’s platform. Samsung smartphone platform,” explained George Kyriakis, the Senior Director of Business Development at Fresh Books.

The bigger screen naturally lets you fill in invoice fields quickly and easily. If you’ve been tethered to a computer to send invoices using a mobile device, the invoicing features offered by Fresh Books Z Fold4 Z Fold4 do more than increase your productivity but ensure that cash flow for your company is moving more quickly and efficiently.

Purchase the Galaxy Z Fold4 and receive up to $180 in savings on Fresh Books.

4. Microsoft Teams:

Videoconferencing hands-free is among the most efficient productivity tools on the Galaxy Z Fold4, thanks to Flex Mode. You can log into Microsoft Teams meetings and turn on your camera when you travel. With the Galaxy Z Fold4 flexed and working at the desk, you’ll appear most professionally and professionally.

The extra screen space in the Galaxy Z Fold4 makes Microsoft Teams appear and work similarly to the desktop application. When you’re talking with your friends, you can view all of your conversations on the left side and the conversation you’ve selected on the right-hand side, making it easy to keep multiple chats active throughout the day.

In videoconferences, you can view more participants at once using Teams with a full-screen. Are you looking to multitask? This is where Flex Mode comes in extra helpful (or more hands-free). Allow your Team meeting to take up half the screen while you use the remaining portion to review emails, read documents, or write notes using your S Pen. Galaxy Z Fold4 is also the most efficient mobile device for teams’ whiteboards and live screen sharing.

5. Microsoft Office:

This native Microsoft Office integration has become more potent on Galaxy Z Fold4, where Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint are explicitly optimized to fold up into a compact display.

They’re no more limited hamburger menus. Those top menus that you’ve used to on your computer are accessible for you on mobile devices as well. The Format, Home, File Formula, Insert, and Format menus on your smartphone will make it easier to edit slideshows and documents and even design new ones entirely from scratch. When you add comments on documents, you’ll be able to be able to see your comments in conjunction with your original document.

Microsoft has made drag and drop those who have Office open in conjunction with other applications. Drag photos from Gallery directly into PowerPoint or copy the contents of your Outlook inbox directly into the Word document.


Galaxy Z Fold4 makes mobile productivity simple due to work done through Samsung along with its partner. These are only some apps optimized for Galaxy Z Fold4 apps that can transform how you conduct business. Once you’ve got the Galaxy Z Fold4 in hand you’ll learn the latest productivity hacks daily. Additionally, you can take advantage of discounts and other perks of participating Web Development London business app partners.

Get the most out of your company with Galaxy Z Fold4 today. Find out how much your business could reduce costs by replacing old technology with foldable with this easy cost calculator.

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