5 Types of Self Storage East London Unit On Rent

Renting out self-storage units has become a common affair as it offers individuals short- and long-term solutions to meet storage needs. The homeowners, renters, and large and small business owners are mainly the self-storage East London customers. You will come across numerous other storage options available for you.

Picking the right kind of unit often becomes an overwhelming task initially; however, they are manageable as they might appear.

These days we will guide you in choosing the right storage unit that meets your requirements and discuss the type of storage unit you might require.

1. Indoor or Outdoor Unit.

The location of the door mainly determines the primary difference between the outdoor and indoor storage units. The storage units are generally located within the multi-level building. They access the units by navigating through the set of internal stairs or the hallways if the unit is at the upper levels.

The main perk of this kind of unit is whether it can become an issue. You never need to stress about the dust or rain when you open the door on windy days. Additionally, these units are specifically cheaper than the drive-up and outdoor units.

The drive-up or the outdoor units are mainly located within the building with numerous units; however, you start accessing the unit right from the outside. It is the kind of unit offering better convenience of having the ability to drive right up the door of the unit.

The tradespeople find these units beneficial since they easily access their supplies or tools while leaving right to the other appointment furthermore, when you are a homeowner paying the removalists by every hour with the ease of accessibility, that certainly paces up the processes while saving money on the moving day.

2. Business Storage Units

The self-storage unit is perfect for businesses of all sizes ranging from the bigger stores that might purchase several inventories simultaneously to the smaller firms operated out of a person’s home.

Whenever there is a space limitation or you need a real storefront, it becomes essential for you to ensure that you have a great place for storing everything that is considered valuable to the business. These days things become easier than ever for using these self-storage units that aid you with the management and operations of the business with greater efficiencies.

3. Military Storage Units

There are military personnel and families who would often find themselves on the move. Short-term Storage is easier to store every belonging whenever looking at a new home during a transition period. Military personnel and their families know that relocations arrive with the job, specifically under short notice.

4. 24-Hour Storage

You need access to your belongings in the perfect realm, especially during normal work hours. However, it is only sometimes the case here. Several people, families, and even businesses will involve access to their personal belongings across varied times of the day. Picking the right storage facility is often open 24 hours a day round the week. It offers you the comfort of understanding the matter whenever you require your items, and they are made available.

5. Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage is always for the family and personal use of automobiles as it deals with the vehicles used mainly for business, from regular trailers to 18-wheelers to cranes. Business owners can easily store company cars, service trucks, and even vehicles involved in the construction with vehicle storage facilities whenever they are not used.

It can easily free up the valuable space present in the business property and safeguard the investments of the property. For safeguarding personal vehicles and preventing damage, the vehicle storage unit might be the ideal solution for storing seasonal ATVs, watercraft, motorcycles, and additional cars.


If you require additional room in your garage or need to get rid of a few clutters for showcasing your residence for the upcoming sale, then the self-storage East London units are the ideal option. If you plan on business expansions or a new startup, these units can come to your rescue.


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