7 Signs Your Car Air Compressor Need to Give Up!

Summers are in full swing, and it’s pepping hot outside. At the same time, it’s the period when it’s almost impossible to drive your car without air conditioning. Thus, the real struggle starts when the air conditioner goes down. 

Consequently, the AC will stop cooling the interiors, and most of the time, the problem lies in the AC compressor. By consulting a car AC repair in Dubai, you’ll find out the accuracy of the assumption. 

Every car relies on a steady flow of refrigerant to circulate through it. This refrigerant allows the AC to produce a cool breeze from the dashboard vents. If your car AC is reacting abnormally, here’s a rundown of how your car will announce it.  

Keeping reading to find out! 

  1. The Air Isn’t as Cool As it Should Be

There may be other elements contributing to the intensity of coolness of air conditioning in the car. However, one of the most common causes is associated with AC compressors. 

If the air radiating from the vents with the AC is getting warmer, this can be a serious problem. It usually happens due to improper refrigerant levels. It’s a liquid that circulates around out car’s AC system. Connect with a professional auto repair and determine if that’s the real culprit. 

  1. Strange Noises from the Engine 

Strange sounds from the engine compartment occur for a number of reasons. It includes a squealing belt, a worn-out pulley, and broken brake pads. Yet, upon hearing such noises from the AC compressor, look into the matter ASAP. Often, the commotion only happens when you engage the AC switch. 

It’s either happening due to a faulty clutch or a seizing shaft. However, the majority of driver complains about the compressor oil. It usually occurs when the compressor oil becomes contaminated or insufficient.

  1. Physical Damage to the Air Compressor

There’s no bigger indication of an underlying issue with an air compressor than physical damage. The same theory applies to corrosion. As moisture is the enemy of air conditioning, external corrosion may lead to an internal ailment. In some cases, constant oil leaks may contribute to a compressor breakdown. 

In short, never delay when something seems to be broken, bent, corroded or leaking. Instead, consult a professional auto repair and get the air compressor fixed.

  1. The compressor Clutch isn’t working. 

Upon switching on the AC, the clutch attached to the pulley on the compressor must engage. To your knowledge, it’s the plate in front of the compressor. 

The clutch clicks momentarily and starts spinning with the pulley and the belt as you switch the AC on. Likewise, the compressor may needs servicing if the clutch doesn’t seem to engage or make weird sounds.

  1. Fluid Leaks 

Another obvious sign of a failing air compressor is when you notice fluids leaking out of the unit. The AC fluid is the refrigerant that helps cool the car’s air. 

So, if that happens, it’s surely a sign that the air compressor is getting down. Not only does it boost the potential health concerns of the passengers, but it also increases energy consumption. 

  1. Circuit Breaker Starts Tripping 

A circuit breaker protects you from potential fire hazards when driving a car. A continuous tripping and power outage of the condensing unit can be an obvious symptom of a bad AC compressor. 

The reason may be overheating and excessive power consumption, which causes the breaker to trip. Luckily, you can just reset the circuit breaker and turn the system back on.  

  1. Broken Suction Lines 

The refrigerant line in the AC system gets blocked if the compressor fails, leading to a flow of warm air. Yet, the auto repair knows how to undo the damage by unblocking the refrigerant lines. But, the lines may need to be replaced in some situations. 

Ending Thoughts!

Whether it’s about occasionally taking it to the tyre change shop or services, you need to attend to the car’s needs honestly as for the AC compressor. Now that you’re well aware of the problematic symptoms, it’ll be easier to mend the issues in due time. Just be prompt and get the signs fixed before it exceeds the safe zone. 


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