9 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are the ones which are additionally done apart from just academics. With changing world and overpopulation, it is quite common that job recruitment is narrowing down its rules. If you are an adult, you would know that getting good grades is not enough for one to get selected for a job or to make an impression.

You need additional skills and interests that make you stand out in a pool of other candidates.

 If you think that extracurriculars are a distraction from your studies then, here are the top 9 benefits you get from extracurricular to change your mind:

Develop additional interest

Being keen on studies is okay, but you must also develop other interests. Only studying won’t do you any good as we already said. Also, studying all the time gets monotonous. At this time, having additional practices can change your life and make you feel better.

These interests can make you more dedicated and thesis help you find your purpose in life.

Having additional interest makes you an interesting person overall who is not simply a bookworm.

Get a scholarship

Did you know that being good with extracurricular can guarantee you a scholarship? So many colleges and universities offer scholarships based on sports, arts, and more. There is a special quota that colleges hold for such students.

So even if you are bad at studying, you can make up for it by being good at extracurriculars. The only thing is that you need to research colleges that offer scholarships based on your special interests because the options vary.  

Improved academic grades

It is a common belief for most students that participating in extracurricular takes up a lot of their time, which they would invest in their studies, which is not true all the time. If you are good with sports, this increases your resilience, spirit, and motivation to work harder.

All these qualities will be applicable in your daily life and give you better results. Being involved with extracurriculars will make you more active, which is what you need to improve in your academics. Overall the skills you gain can be useful in your life at any point of time.

Learn skills

Extracurriculars are not always a waste of time. Sometimes they teach you more than the academic world ever does. Some essential skills you learn through extracurricular activities are being optimistic, ambitious, hardworking, punctual, leadership skills, team management, and more.

All these skills are considered soft skills, which can make your resume heavy. Getting a good job is not only through your certificates and grades; you also need to have crucial skills to secure it.

Also, the majority of the promotions are done based on the soft skills that one possesses. Since, you cannot learn them suddenly, learning them through extracurricular from a very young age is better.

Productive break time

We all need a break from studying at times. In today’s time, one of the ways by which students utilize their bark time is by going on social media. Unnecessary scrolling is such a big waste of time.

If you want to make the most of your time then why not learn something new. Doing Extracurricular activities can be following your hobby. Hence that way you are learning something new which is fun and of interest to you rather than lazing around.

Upgrade your resume

With unemployment rising and job recruiters getting more strict with their job requirements, it isn’t easy to find a job. Everyone has a graduation certificate, so what sets you apart? If you are a fresher with no experience, your experience with extracurricular activities can help you stand out.

It would be more beneficial if you could find a job that fits your extracurricular activities which will make you a suitable candidate for that job.

Boost in confidence

When you go to college, you will always find different people with different interests. Some might be interested in playing guitar, while others in cooking and some others in dancing. Then, you will realize that having experience with an extracurricular is not that bad.

When you know you’re good at something, you automatically know you have more open doors, which boosts your self-esteem. Confidence is another trait which many students lack, affecting them big time.

Follow your passion

Back in the day, it was very difficult for one to get good jobs. Also, following a passion for livelihood seemed like a mad men’s dream. But not anymore, in today’s times, one can become a singer, dancer, and athlete and follow it for a lifetime.

If you strongly feel that studying is not your path, try something else. If you are passionate about your creative skills, then pursue them and gain extracurricular experience first.

Increased opportunities

Overall, being involved with extracurriculars seems more advantageous than disadvantageous. The only take is that you must have a good timetable to maintain all aspects. By being involved with extracurricular activities, you get to hone your skills, and gain more experience in what interests you.

Unlock the hidden talent in you and put it into use by getting involved in an extracurricular. It is a good way to spend your leisure time and do something productive.

Extracurricular activities are not that bad if you have the right intention. Some students only play and waste their time with no goal in mind discrediting the name of extracurricular. But those sharpening their skills and expanding their skill set through extracurriculars have more options. Even if you know that trying won’t take you anywhere, you will have more doors open for you in the future.


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