All You Need to Know about Lip Lift Scar

A lip lift is a cosmetic procedure. It involves shortening the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose (also referred to as philtrum). The procedure helps create a more youthful and attractive appearance. It increases the visibility of the upper teeth and boosts overall proportion of the face. Although lip lift provides brilliant results, scarring is one of the common risks.

A lip lift scar is a visible mark. It occurs due to incisions made during the lip lift procedure. The scar is typically located under the base of the nose. Sometimes it may be a small, subtle line. Patients also tend to get a more noticeable mark.

However, there are a number of ways to reduce overall appearance of a lip lift scar. Here are some factors that may affect the appearance of the scar and measures you can take to reduce its visibility:

Factors Affecting Lip Lift Scar Appearance

Surgical Technique

In most cases, the surgical technique used for a lip lift affects the visibility of the scar. Surgeons experienced in the technique make incisions carefully and precisely which significantly reduces the risk of scarring.

Skin Type

As a general rule, patients with darker skin or a history of keloid scars are more vulnerable to visible scarring.

Healing Process

Natural healing process of body affects the appearance of a lip lift scar. Hence, patients are advised to strictly adhere to post-operative care instructions. Smoking and other activities should be avoided.

Steps to Minimize Lip Lift Scar Appearance

Listed below are several steps that patients can take to minimize the appearance of a lip lift scar. These include:

Skilled Surgeon

The most important factor in minimizing the appearance of a lip lift scar is choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon. A qualified plastic surgeon will use precise surgical techniques and take care to minimize the risk of scarring.

Follow Post-Operative Care Instructions

Patients should carefully follow their surgeon’s post-operative care instructions to ensure optimal healing and minimize the risk of scarring. This may include avoiding smoking or other activities that can impede the healing process, keeping the incision site clean and dry, and taking any prescribed medications as directed.

Consider Scar-Reducing Treatments

You can go for treatments that can be used to reduce the appearance of scars. These include topical treatments, laser therapy, and injectable fillers. These treatments are known to be effective in minimizing the appearance of a lip lift scar and improving overall skin texture.

Exercise Patience

Scars take time to heal. These may not fully fade for several months. Hence, it is important to be patient and continue to care for the incision site. Always follow the directions of the surgeon.

When to Seek Professional Help

While a lip lift scar is typically a normal and expected part of the healing process, in some cases, it may indicate a problem. Patients are advised to seek professional help if they experience any of the following symptoms:

Excessive Swelling or Redness

The symptom around the incision site may be an indication of an infection or other complication.

Pain or Discomfort

Do not neglect pain or discomfort that persists beyond the first few days after the surgery. Call the doctor without delay. It is usually an indication a sign of a serious issue.

Excessive Scarring

Any scar that appears larger or more visible should be reported to the doctor immediately. Consult surgeon to discuss possible treatment options.

To Sum Up

A lip lift scar is a normal and expected part of the healing process following a lip lift procedure. However, there are several steps that patients can take to minimize its appearance, including choosing a skilled surgeon, following post-operative care instructions, and considering scar-reducing treatments.


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