Breathable hospital uniforms common in Pakistan

No matter the time of day or night you are on your toes to look after the patients, a soft, breathable, comfortable and presentable medical uniform is a must. We cannot imagine anything worse than feeling sweating in uniform and being uncomfortable in it during a shift. To avoid this situation, we recommend you choose soft hospital uniforms that are durable and functional. Experts say that when you feel comfortable in your dress, your confidence will be a lot better than before. To stay prepared for whatever life throws at you, one must first know the features to look for while shopping for medical scrubs in Pakistan.  

Medical uniforms are an essential part of the industry, we do know it by now. To achieve a remarkably professional look, doctors, nurses and surgeons wear scrubs, lab coats and other uniforms in different hospitals and clinics. Scrubs, being the most common type, have evolved a lot in recent times. You may see different kinds, colours and features in scrubs for doctors in Pakistan.  A good scrub is made up of lightweight, soft and breathable materials, such as cotton or polyester, to keep you comfortable throughout the shift. Many hospitals and clinics have specific colour codes for scrubs, with different colours assigned to different departments or specialities. Here we have jotted down some features to look for when opting for a medical uniform in general. 

1. The right material and length of lab coats

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The most commonly worn gown by doctors and nurses is a professional lab coat. The main purpose of this type of hospital uniforms is to provide an extra layer of protection against hazardous materials and can easily removed and laundered. It is simply worn over regular clothes and is specifically design to provide the right type of barrier between the wearer and the spills. Ideally, a breathable and soft material chosen while designing it. Moreover, the optimal knee length is something to look for. 
The best option that we have for you is Pinncale Unisex Lab Coat. Made using care wear fabric. Which is craft from the finest blends of poly cotton and designed with a 2/1 twill weave. This unique weave not only provides a premium hand-feel but also ensures that the garment is highly durable and comfortable to wear. Experience the ultimate blend of comfort and durability with the Care wear fabric. Each lab coat or medical scrub in Lahore is craft with careful crafts colors. And given proper attention to detail with double-needle stitching and 3 functional pockets. At Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire, it is stitch with precision to ensure durability. And the result is a presentable design that is sure to leave an impression.

2. The professional look and durability of scrubs

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Scrubs are the most common type of hospital uniforms among nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers in Pakistan. Typically, these two-piece outfits are stitch to a loose fit with a top and pants. These are colours of breathable, soft and soft fabrics like cotton or the colour of cotton and polyester. Apart from this, they come in various colours and patterns, but the most important features to look out for are comfort, breathability and flexibility. 

Another pick from Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire is Trivia Women’s Scrub Set. This one is curated by using Precision Weave fabric which is a premium blend of 50% lightweight cotton that boasts an unparalleled soft hand feel. The premium finish and the breathability ensure a comfortable and professional look leaving you fresh throughout the day and night. Scrubs used for women’s uniforms are the main type seen all over Pakistan.

3. Color fastness must not be ignored

In some healthcare facilities, different departments or roles may be assigne specific colours for their hospital uniforms. For example, nurses may wear one colour, doctors another, and administrative staff a different colour. This practice helps distinguish between different roles and facilitates easy identification within the medical setting.

The best one, in this case, is the Trivia Women’s Scrub Set which is made using Precision Weave fabric that is a premium blend of 50% lightweight cotton. This fabric is well known for its colour fastness and durability. So, even after every day’s wash and use, expect to see this scrub look almost new every morning. 

We all know that medical uniforms are an important part of the healthcare industry in Pakistan. The main aim behind opting for a proper uniform is to provide a professional and identifiable appearance for healthcare professionals. Other than this, the uniform also ensures full full-shifter, safety, and functionality in the workplace. In Pakistan, medical hospital uniforms are typically design to adhere to hygiene standards and promote professionalism in healthcare settings. These uniforms worn by doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. That is why it is also vital to choose the right type of scrub, lab coat or other uniform. It’s important to note that specific uniform policies and requirements may vary across different healthcare institutions in Pakistan. Some hospitals or clinics may have unique guidelines regarding the style, colour, or type of uniforms worn by their staff. But, no matter which type or colour you are looking for, you can find it all on the e-store of Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire. 


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