Community and Public Health Nursing

The leading public health associations of the world define public health nursing as the actual –time practice of using knowledge from public health sciences, nursing, and society to promote and protect people’s health. Nurses, as individuals, have a direct impact on the health and well-being of patients every day.

Numerous nursing fields allow professional nurses to use their passion and knowledge to help others and apply it to a non-clinical environment. Both community health nursing and public health nursing aim to create health awareness among the masses and provide the maximum resources for promoting public health. Both types of nursing have slightly different areas of focus. Once you learn about the differences between public and community health nursing, you can easily choose what best suits your career goals and interests. To help the students interested in nursing careers select what is right for them, here is a simple introduction to both types of nursing.

Public Health Nursing

Public health is the area of nursing where licensed nurses use their knowledge to review state and local health data and draw conclusions about health trends. Public health administration also focuses on educating the public on a preventive diet, exercise, and hygiene tips to keep members of the public and those around them healthy.

Community Health Nursing

Community healthcare is an area of ​​public health focusing on promoting healthcare and medical services to local communities or those who need them. We review data to identify the individuals most needing assistance accessing and using health care resources. We work with local health facilities and government agencies to identify the resources these individuals need to lead healthy lives and ensure they receive the best possible care.

Main Differences Between Community Health Nursing And Public Health Nursing

Public and community health practitioners work closely together to promote the health of populations, but several areas of focus differ. To distinguish between these two fields, check the following example of the difference. Many nursing students don’t know anything about the differences between the two types of nursing hire nursing essay help to complete their assignments.

Work Environment

Public health nurses and community health nurses are different because public health professionals usually work for the federal government where, as community health professionals work for local governments or states. However, general and community nurses typically divide their time between clinics, hospitals, medical facilities, and office buildings.

Professional Focus

Public health nursing and community health nursing have different focuses. Public health nurses examine historical records, scientific studies, and population data to determine how to prevent injury and illness and promote health for the population as a whole. On the other hand, community health nurses, focus on promotion of resources that community members can access to support their health and well-being.

For example, public health nurses have linked intermittent hand washing and hygiene practices with an increase in the number of people who get the flu in certain states. They create educational materials and use their insights to educate the public on the importance of public health ahead of flu season. At the same time, community nurses actively participate in reviewing medical resources. Public health and community nurses require the same training paths to fulfill their respective roles. The education requirements necessary for both are:

 Earn An Associate’s Degree Or a Bachelor’s Degree In Nursing

The first step to working as a public health or community nurse is to complete college-level training and earn a status of a Registered Nurse (RN). Two paths are suitable for future nurses. Associate in Nursing is her two-year degree that provides classroom and clinical instruction to prepare nursing students to take the licensure exam and manage patient care. In contrast, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year degree for prospective nurses. During this period, undergraduate nursing students can explore nursing specialties such as public health and choose a specialization to pursue along with standard courses.

Complete And Pass The National Qualification Examination

Nurses have to take an exam to get a qualification certificate. It tests nursing students’ knowledge of patient care, safety, anatomy and physiology, ethics, and other vital areas. Problems are also included in the test. Passing this exam allows nursing students to apply for a state license in the state of their choice.

Apply for a State License

Prospective nurses typically apply through their state board of nursing to apply for a state license. The committee will review the individual’s test results, school records, and clinic hours before granting the individual permission to practice. The nurses visit different counties nationwide and vaccinate patients against the flu in their spare time.

Highly qualified nurses serve as Registered Nurses in Public Health

Nursing professionals specializing in public or community health can benefit from applying to public health agencies or medical facilities. Also, working as an RN at the hospital allows nurses to understand better patient care needs, healthcare policies, and different health conditions.


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