Discover the Best Heavy-Duty Equipment from CAT & Volvo for India’s Infra Industry

The Infra industry in India is punctuated with several breakthrough innovations. To illustrate, the continuous technological advancements in heavy-duty equipment have accelerated development. Consequently, these equipment manufacturers are constantly investing in R&D and further technological upgradation. 

Additionally, CAT & Volvo are two leading manufacturers of heavy-duty equipment. This is due to several reasons, like their machines are highly reliable, deliver massive output, and are easy to operate as well. Hence, we can say that equipment from these brands are worth the purchase. 

Featuring Top 2 Heavy-Duty Equipment from Volvo & CAT

Volvo EC210D Excavator 

This is one of the best-selling excavator models from Volvo India. This is because the model has a massive operating weight of 20000 Kg. This subsequently ensures maximum work output at construction & mining sites. Additionally, this machine can generate up to 156 HP with its powerful engine. More importantly, the excavator can dig as deep as 6730 mm. Hence, its maximum dig depth capacity reduces downtime, further improving productivity. 

Furthermore, with a lifting capacity of 7240 Kg, the equipment easily carries heavy loads at once. Additionally, the model can store construction materials without any hassle, thanks to its 1cum bucket capacity. Above all, the Volvo 210 excavator price in India ranges between Rs. 3-5 Lakh. 

CAT 120K2 Motor Grader 

This equipment from CAT India soon after its launch became a top-selling motor grader. Rightly so, the machine features an operating weight of 13843 kg. This feature, in particular, surpasses work output expectations. Moreover, with its high-performing engine, this motor grader can generate up to 145 HP.  

Additionally, the blade width of this model is around 3.7 m. Besides, this machine’s min turning radius of 7.3m facilitates smooth operation in compact space. More importantly, the CAT grader 120k2 price in India starts from Rs. 3 Lakh and goes up to 5 Lakh. 

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