Don’t Miss Clicking Picture at Amber Fort during Jaipur Tour

Visit Amber Fort during Jaipur Tour

Are you planning a Jaipur sightseeing tour? If so, make sure that Amber Fort is on your itinerary. This stunning fortified palace complex offers breathtaking views of the city and is an iconic symbol of Rajasthan’s rich history and culture. But, there’s one thing that you simply cannot miss when visiting Amber Fort – clicking pictures! In this blog post, we’ll tell you why capturing moments at Amber Fort is a must-do during your Jaipur tour. So get ready to explore the beauty of this magnificent fort through the lens!

Click Picture at Amber Fort

What is Amber Fort?

Amber Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jaipur. The fort is located on a hill and overlooks the Maota Lake. Amber Fort was built by Maharaja Mansingh in 1592. The fort is made of red and white sandstone and marble. It has four levels, each with a different function. The first level is the entry gate, the second level is the courtyard, the third level is the palace, and the fourth level is the temple.

Why is it a Must-See during a Jaipur Tour?

Amber Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Jaipur tour packages. It is situated on a hill and offers stunning views of the city below. The fort was built in the 16th century by Maharaja Man Singh and is a fine example of Rajput architecture. It is also known for its beautiful gardens, temples, and palaces. Amber Fort is a must-see during a Jaipur tour as it offers an insight into the rich history and culture of Rajasthan.

What are the best times to take pictures at Amber Fort?

The best time to take pictures at Amber Fort is during the day when the sun is shining and the colors are most vibrant. The fort is also illuminated at night, so nighttime photography is also possible.

Tips for taking great pictures at Amber Fort

Amber Fort is a historic fort located in Amber, Rajasthan. The fort was built by the Rajput Maharaja Mansingh in 1592. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jaipur. Here are some tips for taking great pictures at Amber Fort:

  • Visit during the day: The best time to visit Amber Fort is during the day when the sun is shining and the light is good for photography.
  • Explore the different angles: There are many different angles to explore at Amber Fort. Walk around and find the best spot for your photos.
  • Use a tripod: A tripod will help you take sharp and clear photos.
  • Use a wide-angle lens: A wide-angle lens will help you capture the entire fort in your photo.
  • Experiment with different settings: Play around with different settings on your camera to get the best results.


The magnificent Amber Fort is a must-visit destination for any traveler visiting Jaipur. The impressive architecture, awe-inspiring views, and amazing photo opportunities make it one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Rajasthan. Before you go, don’t forget to plan ahead and ensure that you have enough time to explore all the stunning sights at Amber Fort – including taking lots of pictures! With its interesting history and beautiful scenery, this majestic fort is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.


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