Hire App Developer in India – An Ultimate Guide 

Are you thinking of digitalizing your business? If yes, you will need an app. As launching a dedicated business app is becoming a trend, companies are progressively searching for the best app developers. While the entire app development cost can go up to thousands of dollars, many international enterprises choose to hire app developer in India, not just because of their affordability but the quality and the level of customer satisfaction they deliver. 

India has been catering to over 15% of the world’s app development projects. The reason is that Indian developers are highly skilled and have better time management expertise. Additionally, the support of the Indian government to the IT sector and the lower cost of technical resources in the country make it possible for Indian developers to deliver projects within budget. 

So, if you’re considering hiring an Indian app developer for your project, reading this guide will help you make a more informed decision. 

What is the Need to Hire App Developers?

Now that smartphones are within reach of every person, building a dedicated app can help your business to reach out to them. It is evident how companies are growing revenue through digitalization as they understand the need for a mobile app on platforms like iOS and Android. 

Additionally, a mobile app can help businesses create brand awareness, maintain reputation, onboard valuable customers, and offer an enhanced user experience. 

A skilled app developer understands all these needs and helps your business grow by developing an enterprise-grade app. However, it is not easy to hire a skilled app developer; there are chances that you may end up hiring unsuitable candidates. 

To help you out, we have listed some important factors you should think about before you hire an app developer in India. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Hire App Developer in India

Every business wants to capitalize on the opportunities available in the digital world. While planning a dedicated app for your business is effortless, making things happen is challenging. 

If you need to become an expert , it may become even more challenging for you to find an ideal app developer. We can help you understand what you should know before finalizing an app developer for your project. 

Identify the Platform to Target

The first and foremost factor to consider before hiring an app developer is identifying the targeted platform. Determine – which forum you want to target – iOS, Android, or Both. 

If you want a dedicated app for a specific platform, you should consider hiring a Native developer. Conversely, if you need an app compatible with multiple operating systems, you should hire a cross-platform developer. 

The cost of both development projects varies significantly. While native app development in India costs between $10,000 to $70,000, it goes up to $25,000 to $150,000 for hybrid/cross-platform app development. 

Evaluate Developer’s Education and Experience

Evaluate the education and experience level of the developer you want to hire. It is worth noting that most Indian app developers graduate from reputed universities and institutions. 

You can ask them about their educational qualifications and professional experience in native/cross-platform app development. 

Check their Portfolio

It is better to look at the developer’s portfolio before making a final decision. You can look for their previous projects to get a good idea of whether they are skilled enough to develop an enterprise-grade app for you. Alternatively, you can read the reviews and ratings the freelance websites offer. 

Ask for Price Quotations

The next step is to ask candidates for price quotations. However, we advise weighing the developer’s skills and expertise over prices. There is no set cost for app development as it is affected by various factors like – 

  • Location of the developer
  • Your choice between freelancers, In-house or offshore
  • App’s targeted platform
  • App’s complexity
  • Post development maintenance 

As mentioned, avoid getting attracted to a cheap cost structure when you hire app developer in India, as they often compromise quality to align with the price. 

Communication and Development Timeline

Good communication is critical to your development process. Regular updates on the project can help both developer and the client to make changes in real-time. On the other hand, poor communication may lead to delays in delivery and low quality. 

Post-development Services

It is important to look for a candidate who provides post-development services. It is about more than just developing the app but maintaining it for long run business success. What if you find a bug in your app or need minor changes after months of its deployment? You may have to hire an expert, which may incur additional costs and time. But when you choose a developer who provides post-development services, they take responsibility for the maintenance and support. 

Why Should You Hire App Developer in India?

Indian app developers are the first choice of international clients due to their affordability, problem-solving skills, and flexibility. Here are some reasons to hire app developer in India: 

Quick Process and Increased Productivity

When you hire a developer from an offshore location like India, you get less hassle managing in-house teams, searching for office premises, buying furniture, etc. 

As quickly as you hire them, they will start working on your project. Additionally, they are usually experts and don’t even need extra training, which results in increased productivity and timely delivery.


When you hire app developer in India, you may not have to take the burden of providing them with the technological resources. Additionally, they are flexible to work in any timezone, allowing you to work with them according to your timezone. 


While the cost of app development in the US and European countries is very high, it is relatively reasonable in India. Additionally, offshore developers’ cost is usually lower compared to paying a monthly salary to the in-house team, setting up a physical office, paying rent, etc. 


Hiring a dedicated team of offshore developers is far better than recruiting an in-house team. And when you decide to hire app developer in India, your decision brings cost-efficiency and expertise to the project. 

Nevertheless, you should consider prioritizing quality and reliability over low prices. It can help you get a feature-rich and high-end mobile app to help your business grow immensely. 


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