How long does learning  take in driving school

The quality of training cadets in driving school lahore  has long been criticise not only by the traffic police, but also by the public. In this regard, the state began to reform the system for training future drivers, one of the components of which was a change in the terms of training.

What is the duration of law school

The terms of training for cadets in 2023 to obtain a driver’s licence of the most popular category “B” are prescribed in exemplary training programs for drivers of various categories. They are approve by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science.the Driving school lahore is the best driving school in pakistan  

The minimum time is measure in hours, not weeks and months. An exemplary curriculum regulates training in the amount of 190 hours (previously it was 156 hours). During this period, cadets must master the subjects of the basic and special cycle.

The first includes the fundamentals of traffic legislation, the basics of vehicle management, first aid in case of an accident, and the psychophysiological foundations of the driver’s activity. 84 hours are allotte for the basic level disciplines, of which 58 are theory and 26 are practice.

In the new format, less time is allocate for learning first aid for victims of road accidents, as well as getting to know automatic and manual transmissions.

The block of special items includes:

  • arrangement and maintenance of vehicles of category “B”;
  • the basics of managing a vehicle of this category;
  • driving a category B vehicle.

In total, this part is given 88 hours, of which 26 theory and 62 practice. There are 4 hours to pass the qualifying exam. Also, the sample program includes 14 hours of theory to study the rules for the organization and implementation of freight and passenger transportation by road.

Why the terms of training in different driving schools do not coincide

Each driving school lahore  must issue the entire volume of training hours provided for by law. However, the organisation  and intensity of the educational process is different for everyone. With a weekly load of 4 hours for four days, the preparation period will be 11-12 weeks. In the case of classes only twice a week, the period can stretch up to 22-23 weeks (5.5 months). As a result, the duration of training in different driving schools can differ by a factor of two.

Driving schools cannot deviate from the approximate program, including the timing of subjects. According to the government decree of 30.08. 2017 No. 1097, organisations involved in the training of future drivers must receive a certificate from the traffic police that certifies compliance with the training programs.

How long is the preparation in the theoretical block

Cadets of driving schools master theoretical material in a minimum amount of 100 hours. It deals in different volumes with all topics, except for driving lessons. The largest share of theory is devote to the development of legislative norms in the field of road traffic and the device maintenance of the vehicle – respectively 30 and 18 hours.

How long is the practical part?

The volume of practical training in a driving school is 90 hours when learning to drive a car with “mechanics” and 88 hours to train a car with an “automatic”. The lion’s share in this section is driving – 56/54 hours. It is performe outside the study time grid. The qualification exam is carrie out on a car of the type of transmission on which the training was conducte.

How to reduce training time?

One way to save time on learning and avoid the cost of travelling to a driving school is to take theory classes online. Cadets are offered lectures by teachers for viewing in real time, recordings of similar materials and specially designe online lessons.

The pace of studying the theoretical material is chosen by the driver candidate, base on their capabilities, so there is a real chance to complete this block earlier. At the end of the course, students are invite to take an internal theoretical exam. It acts as a permit for testing in the traffic police. Also visit Driving school lahore .


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