Investigating the Effectiveness of IGLookup – Can it Help You Find Information on Instagram?

Is there ever a good reason to peek into someone’s Instagram account? Well, we don’t think so. Whether it’s about checking your daughter’s social media accounts for scam messages or your spouse’s DM for ex-lovers’ unharmful attempts, you may feel the need for monitoring to protect your family.

Gladly, for Instagram, we have several tools to monitor your family’s or anyone’s activity without harming them. This might make a few of you wonder, does IGlookup work?

Since you are asking this question, we assume you are unaware of the basics of this tool. But don’t worry. We are here to take you on a mini-virtual tour so you can learn everything about this tool, including if it’s legit or not.


The IGlookup Instagram viewer employs a bait-and-switch technique. When you first use the app, it shows you your desired results and unlocks your searched private account. However, the real game starts when you do a second search.

When you type the username on the search bar, a log window appears on your screen, pretending to be searching for your request. However, when the search is completed, you will see that particular account’s images in the blurred form.

The tool will then ask you to tap ‘download’ to open and save the images to your PC. As you tap to click the download button, a pop will appear claiming it has ‘detected a bot like-behavior.’

Once you click the captcha box, you will watch a list of surveys piling up on your screen to be filled in for continued access. The tool may also ask you to download an app to get going with the second search.

Is IGlookup Real?

If you ask for one-time access, then yes. It will work. However, for more searches, you may require some other tool, a more protected one, precisely, to get your results.

IGlookup Not Working

Several people ask why IGlook is not working. Well, for the above reasons, you may find the app not working. That said, we have provided other options to view Instagram profiles using the anonymous tools below.

5 Best Private Instagram Viewers with no Survey [2023]

  1. Glassgram
  • Anonymous
  • No survey required
  • Shows private accounts
  • IG Story Viewer
  • Direct Message Viewer
  • Likes Viewer

Glassgram is one of the best and safest tools for viewing private Instagram accounts anonymously. The so-called ‘best Instagram viewer app’ gives access to private accounts without any payment. However, you may need to sign up with the app to access it.

2. xMobi

  • Private Instagram Viewer
  • No survey required
  • Contains hacking tools

xMob is another great app that is more like a revolutionary new hacking tool to spy on Instagram accounts. Not just it shows you the obvious but it reveals the hidden photos and videos of a private account that are impossible to see with just Instagram viewer tools.

You can remotely access any account without having to install any software on the victim’s device. It will take just a couple of minutes to set up the tool.

4. eyeZy

  • Private Instagram Viewer
  • Shows IG messages
  • Track everything that the profile does on Instagram.

eyeZy offers close monitoring or spying on your family members, for safety purposes, of course. Via it, you can read anyone’s IG messages, besides viewing information about each post on the victim’s account.

eyeZy is a great app to monitor your kids’ activities on the most well-known social media apps, including Facebook and Messenger.

5. uMobix

  • Cell phone tracker
  • Subscriptions based tool
  • Tracks GPS location

uMobix is a cell phone tracker and Instagram viewer that works best for modern-day parents who want to keep their kids safe without invading their personal space.

You need first to get the subscription to start using the app. Once you paid for it, you will be given access to your loved one’s activities, like whom they are calling, messaging, or what they are doing on social media.

Not to mention, you will be given access to your close one’s Instagram account to track or even manage their accounts.

6. PrivateInsta

  • Secure Instagram viewer
  • No human verification required
  • Website compatible with iOS & Android

As its name suggests, Privateinsta is a private Instagram viewer tool offering a safe and secure method to stalk profiles without checking the human verification box.

Simple-to-use tool is compatible with Android and iOS and shows results with consistency. The app keeps your identity hidden so you can freely browse through anyone’s account.

Conclusion – Does IGlookup work?

IGlookup is the oldest Instagram viewer tool available out there. However, it is not as efficient as the other tools listed above. If it’s a one-time show you are looking for, IGlookup will work for you. For long-term and consistent results, head to our other suggested tools. They have more features than just stalking on Instagram.


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