Below at The Foam Individuals we make all of our cushions on site in our considerable factory in Ossett, West Yorkshire.

This is why we are able to custom make mattresses to fit any dimension or shape whether you are looking for a mattress to fit a custom made bed, a motorhome or perhaps a boat!

Wherever you need a custom made cushion for, we will guarantee you get as excellent an evening’s rest as you would certainly on a typical suitable foam cushion.

All of our variety of foam mattresses are made from costs grade materials. Whether they are a standard size or made to gauge, we make certain that they are made from the very same top quality materials we use in our high quality, domestic bed mattress.

No more does your strange form cushion require to be a concession.

With our custom made memory foam mattresses there will certainly be no concession on quality as well as support. Memory Foam has the capacity to support our whole body weight while lowering pressure put on stress factors when we put down.

The foam additionally shapes and also contours to our body shape to stay clear of disruption when sleeping as well as decreases the possibility of us stiring up with pains and also pains.

Technology improvements consist of cooling materials to allow awesome air in as well as spread cozy air which is optimal if you are searching for a cushion for your caravan, motorhome or watercraft, specifically if you are venturing to warmer climates.

All we require from you to generate your bespoke foam mattress is an attracting with precise dimensions. We will certainly produce a prepare for you to authorize prior to manufacturing your cushion.

And all this can be done within an issue of 4-8 functioning days.

Take a look at our devoted Made to Measure group right here or call us at to figure out simply how very easy it is to have your perfect made to gauge cushion made.


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