Microsoft Intune: 5 Benefits for iOS and iPadOS

Microsoft Intune differs from your standard endpoint management program, which provides greater safety concerns than solutions. Rather, it’s simplified, simple to understand, and highly applicable in the present work-from-home (WFH) setting. One of Microsoft’s outstanding solutions, Microsoft Intune, is now available to aid this issue and safeguard business information and applications on private devices. Based on their duties and job needs, Microsoft Intune for IOS and iPadOS only permits workers to access company-owned devices in limited scenarios.

Conditional access and compliance

Intune’s integration with Azure AD makes a wide range of access control situations possible. For instance, you may specify in Intune that mobile devices must comply with organizational rules before accessing network services like email or SharePoint. Similarly, services may be restricted so that only a certain number of mobile applications can access them. For instance, Exchange Online can be restricted, so only Outlook and Outlook Mobile can access it.

Device administration

You can control devices with Intune by choosing the best strategy for you. You could desire complete control over the configurations, functionality, and safety of any devices controlled by your business. With this method, devices “enroll” in Intune together with the owners of those devices. After enrolling, they get your regulations and preferences via guidelines set up in Intune.

The range of device management capabilities offered by Microsoft Intune is extensive. Whether they are company-owned or BYOD, Windows, Mac, Android, or ISO, you can keep records of every device used by your workers. The devices that have been registered may be seen by administrators, and they can also view a list of the devices that are currently utilizing company resources. You may take control of securing your business’s valuables and information in several easy ways.

Intune addresses business issues

Your on-premises email and data can be protected with Intune so mobile devices can access them safely. Just think of the peace of mind! Maintaining the security of your Office 365 email and data so that mobile devices may access it without risk, as email is one of the key entrance points for hackers. Intune will be helpful to you if you currently have a BYOD policy in place for your team members and provide corporate-owned phones or shared tablets with a restricted number of users for their usage at the office.

You may provide workers with access to Office 365 from an unmanaged public kiosk, extending the reach of Intune security beyond smartphones and tablets.


Your company may pre-configure new Windows devices before they are given to end customers thanks to the effective Microsoft Intune function called Autopilot. You can ensure that your safety and legal requirements set up devices and that end users can rapidly get started.

Application management

Instead of protecting data at the device level, MAM in Intune secures it at the application level. This also includes store and customized applications. So, don’t panic; you can continue to use your favorite business applications. You may utilize app management on personal and company-owned devices, similar to devise management.


In conclusion, Microsoft Intune is a powerful tool that can help you manage and protect your data. It is a crucial tool for managing mobile devices in the modern BYOD era. Intune offers a variety of features, including:

Conditional access and compliance: Intune can be used to control access to company resources based on the user’s device and compliance status.

Here are some additional benefits of using Intune:

  • Reduced IT workload: Intune can help to reduce the workload on IT staff by automating many tasks, such as device provisioning and app deployment.
  • Lower costs: Intune can help to lower costs by reducing the need for expensive hardware and software.
  • Increased productivity: Intune can help to increase productivity by providing users with access to their data and apps from anywhere.

If you are looking for a way to improve the security and management of your mobile devices, Intune is a great option. It is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you to achieve your business goals.


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