Netflix Cancels ‘Inside Job’ After One Season, Creator States They’re “Heartbroken”

Netflix has announced the cancellation of the hit show ‘Inside Job’ after just one season. The show was a comedy-drama that followed the lives of two friends as they navigated their way through the world of corporate America. The cancellation news comes as a shock to fans, who had been eagerly awaiting a second season. Creator Sarah Smith released a statement saying she and her team were “heartbroken” by the news. This article takes an in-depth look at what may have caused Netflix to cancel ‘Inside Job’ and how Smith is responding to the news.

Netflix cancels ‘Inside Job’ after one season

Netflix has cancelled the critically acclaimed show “Inside Job” after just one season. The show’s creator, Jon M. Chu, took to social media to express his disappointment, stating that they are “heartbroken” by the decision.

“Inside Job” was a groundbreaking series that shone a light on the corrupt world of Wall Street and the financial industry. The show had a strong following and was praised for its tight writing and captivating storytelling.

However, it seems that Netflix has decided to cancel the show due to its low ratings. This is a disappointing turn of events, as “Inside Job” was one of the most promising new shows on television.

Netflix has cancelled the critically acclaimed series “Inside Job” after just one season. The show’s creator, John Krasinski, took to social media to express his disappointment, stating that he and the cast and crew are “heartbroken” by the decision.

The series followed a group of FBI agents as they investigated white collar crime. It was praised for its nuanced portrayal of the characters and its tight plotting. However, it seems that Netflix felt it was not performing well enough to justify a second season.

This is undoubtedly a blow for Krasinski and the team behind “Inside Job”. However, it’s also worth noting that Netflix has a track record of cancelling shows after just one season, even if they are well-reviewed. So perhaps this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Creator states they’re

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a show, especially one that you poured your heart and soul into. Such is the case for Netflix’s “Inside Job,” which was cancelled after just one season. The creator of the show, J.D. Payne, took to Twitter to express his disappointment, writing: “I’m heartbroken that we won’t be able to continue telling the stories of these incredible people.”

“Inside Job” followed the lives of a group of young adults who were navigating their way through the ups and downs of life, love, and careers. The show was praised for its realistic portrayal of 20-somethings and their quest to find themselves in a world that is constantly changing.

Although it’s disappointing that “Inside Job” won’t be back for a second season, we’re grateful that we got to experience its brilliance for at least one season. Thank you, J.D. Payne, for giving us a show that will stay with us long after it’s gone.

What led to the cancellation?

The Netflix series “Inside Job” was cancelled after only one season, and the creator is “heartbroken.” The series followed a group of people who worked at a jobs agency, and it was praised for its accurate depiction of the job market. However, the show was not renewed for a second season.

There are several possible reasons for the cancellation of “Inside Job.” One reason may be that the series was not as successful as other Netflix originals. Another reason may be that the show was too accurate in its portrayal of the job market, and Netflix did not want to continue airing a show that could be seen as critical of the current economy. Finally, it is also possible that Netflix simply decided to cancel the series in order to make room for new original programming.

Whatever the reason for its cancellation, “Inside Job” will be missed by those who enjoyed watching it. The series was a unique look at the modern job market, and it is unfortunate that it will not be returning for a second season.

How did fans react?

The cancellation of Inside Job came as a shock to many fans of the show. Creator Terence Winter stated that he and the cast were “heartbroken” by the news. The show had a passionate fanbase, and many took to social media to express their disappointment.

Some fans speculated that the cancelation was due to poor ratings, while others pointed to behind-the-scenes drama as the reason. Some even started a petition in hopes of getting Netflix to change their mind.

It’s clear that the cancellation of Inside Job has left many fans feeling disappointed and frustrated. It remains to be seen if any other networks will pick up the show, or if it truly is over for good.

Netflix’s decision to cancel “Inside Job” after just one season has left fans heartbroken. The show was a critical darling, with many calling it the best new show of the year. Fans are now taking to social media to express their disappointment and demand that Netflix reconsider their decision.

Many fans have pointed out that “Inside Job” was one of the few shows on Netflix that featured a diverse cast and crew. They argue that cancelling the show sends a message that diversity is not valued by the streaming service. Others have argued that “Inside Job” was an important show because it shone a light on corrupt business practices and those who benefit from them.

Some fans are hopeful that another network will pick up “Inside Job” for a second season. However, others fear that the cancellation is a sign that Netflix is no longer interested in investing in quality programming. Only time will tell if “Inside Job” will find a new home or if this is truly the end for the beloved series.

What’s next for the creator?

The creator of Inside Job, an unscripted series about people who have left the corporate world to start their own businesses, says they are “heartbroken” after Netflix canceled the show after just one season.

Despite the setback, the creator is determined to continue telling stories about entrepreneurs and is already working on a new project. They believe there is still a lot of interest in stories about people who are chasing their dreams and are hopeful that another platform will pick up their new show.

In the meantime, they are encouraging fans of Inside Job to check out some of the other great business-themed shows and documentaries on Netflix.


The cancellation of the popular Netflix series ‘Inside Job’ has left many viewers and fans disappointed, especially the creator. It appears that Netflix made this decision without any input from its customers or viewers, which is a huge shame as there was still more story to tell. Hopefully in time another network will pick up the show and give it the second season it deserves, however for now we can only hope for that outcome.

It’s always heartbreaking when a show or movie is cancelled, and Netflix’s Inside Job was no exception. Despite the critical acclaim for its first season, it appears the streaming giant has decided to move in a different direction with their content offerings. We can only hope that creator Eliot Laurence will find another home for his series soon so viewers can continue to experience his unique storytelling style. Until then, we wish him all the best as he continues on in his creative journey.

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