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If you want to pursue a career in web development, learning PHP is essential and one of the first things you need to start with. And, while its popularity may be waning a bit, thanks to Python and JavaScript, PHP is still used by numerous businesses and will only go somewhere within the next decade.

Test your PHP skills with the questions below, curated by professional programming experts from leading PHP homework help services online.

Let’s begin.

Some PHP & Questions To Test Your Skills On

What will be the output of the following code snippet?





print “hey”;


print “hi”;


  1. hi
  2. Loop runs till infinity
  3. Hey
  4. error

What will be the output of the following?



while (–$i > 0)


$i++; print $i; print “hey”;



  1. 4hey4hey4hey4hey…infinity
  2. 5hey5hey5hey5hey…infinity
  3. no output
  4. error

Solve the following:



while (++$i || –$i)


print $i;



Which PHP function will return true if the variable is an array and false if it is not?

  1. this_array()
  2. Is_array()
  3. do_array()
  4. in_array()

Try to find the answer to the above questions. by yourself.

Now, here are some more questions with answers. Find out whether your answers match the ones given.

How do we pass a variable by reference in PHP?

Ans.: Reference variables in PHP are written using an &.

Define $GLOBALS.

Ans.: This refers to an associative array that contains references to all variables defined globally in a PHP script. It is considered a super global variable.

What is the difference between == and ===?

Ans.: == is used to cast a value of one type into another. === is used to check whether two operands are typesafe.

What is the purpose of the ini_set()?

Ans.: This function allows modification of specific settings in a php.ini configuration file. This function takes two string arguments; the first is the name of the setting that needs to be modified and the second is the new value to be assigned.

Define session in PHP.

Ans.: Sessions in PHP are activities that store information across multiple pages in a particular website. Unlike cookies, all this information is not stored on the client side but in a temporary server on the server side.

How do PHP and HTML interact with each other?

Ans.: PHP helps HTML from external sources such as a database and can even generate HTML dynamically. Webpages can be saved in .php format so that the PHP parser and interpreter in the server execute whatever PHP codes it finds.

What is a parser in PHP?

Ans.: The PHP parser converts source PHP code into codes that can be converted into machine code, a format that the computer can execute.

What are the different types of arrays in PHP?

Ans.: PHP supports three types of arrays, namely, indexed arrays, associative arrays, and multidimensional arrays.

  • Indexed Array: The simplest type of array, each slot in the array can be accessed or referenced using an index or numeric key. Elements are stored in a linear order.
  • Associative Array: String values act as indexing keys for array elements. Elements are stored as per their association with the string indexing keys.
  • Multidimensional Array: These are arrays that have two indices as indexing elements. They can even be considered a combination of one or more arrays.

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How can PHP and HTML interact?

It is possible to generate HTML through PHP scripts, and it is possible to pass pieces of information from HTML to PHP.

What type of operation is needed when passing values through a form or an URL?

If we would like to pass values through a form or an URL, then we need to encode and to decode them using htmlspecialchars() and urlencode().

How can PHP and Javascript interact?

PHP and Javascript cannot directly interact since PHP is a server side language and Javascript is a client-side language. However, we can exchange variables since PHP can generate Javascript code to be executed by the browser and it is possible to pass specific variables back to PHP via the URL.

What is needed to be able to use image function?

GD library is needed to execute image functions.

What is the use of the function ‘imagetypes()’?

imagetypes() gives the image format and types supported by the current version of GD-PHP.

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Summary: Think you are good with your PHP concepts and coding? Test your skills and knowledge with the questions in this article, which are some of the commonly asked questions in professional interviews.

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