Roles Of A Civil Lawyer Singapore-Types And Duties

Are you passionate about law and are planning on getting your license soon? Or, are you perhaps looking for a lawyer who can help you with some legal trouble you might be facing? Either way, your clicking on this blog might precisely mean that your interest revolve mostly around the civil law.

A civil lawyer Singapore is just as significant to the society as a criminal or a defense lawyer. In fact, civil lawyers have quite the responsibilities up their sleeves. There’s a particular set of duties and legal matters that only these lawyers are licensed to handle. If you want to know more about those duties, just keep on reading.

What are the Different Types of Civil Lawyers you see in a Society?

You are already aware of the different types of lawyers present in the legal hierarchy. However, do you know the types of lawyers that fall under the civil label alone? The following differences are based on the tasks each of the categories perform. 

  • Family Dealing Lawyers –

Just as the name suggests, a family lawyer manages hot legal matters between two or more family members. This type of civil lawyer Singapore deals with issues like divorces, inheritance, adoptions, liberation and more. All these matters usually stay inside a family’s boundaries and are not exposed in public fields. Nonetheless, a Family Lawyer is still widely significant for they bring peace to families by solving their issues.  

  • Real Estate Lawyers –

A Real Estate Lawyer, or a Property Lawyer, is one who manages the legal actions regarding people’s belongings. It is a personal asset like a piece of land or a costly mansion that they deal with. They look after property transfers from sellers to buyers or owners to inheritors and ensure everything happens under legal guidelines. Basically, they stop people with unfair and unjust intentions from interfering.   

  • Corporate Sector Lawyers –

On a different note, a Corporate Lawyer ensures that every commercial actions and transactions happen under legal guidelines. Such actions may involve large scale retails, corporate advertisements, import-export services and more. Furthermore, a corporate litigation lawyer Singapore handles papers that determine the legal rights and duties of a corporate sector. They make sure that these sectors exercise just the right amount of authority that they are allowed to. 

  • Personal Injury Lawyers –

Once again the name says it all. A Personal Injury Lawyer helps those who are injured and seek justice from the law. The cause can be a sudden accident, a consequence of negligence or simply a deliberate showcasing of negative emotions. The last part sounds like the task of a criminal lawyer, doesn’t it? Nevertheless a Personal Injury Lawyer can help too. Moreover, they can handle matters with insurances as well.   

What are the Eminent Duties of a Civil Lawyer?

Now that you know about the types of a civil lawyer Singapore, let’s learn more about their duties. Irrespective of the types however, these duties are applicable for all kinds of civil lawyers. 

  • Communicating –

A major part of a lawyer’s life revolves around communicating with people. Be it with clients or fellow colleagues, a lawyer who can put forward clear and effective communications wins the race. Or perhaps a debate, in this case. Talking with your clients and making your points of view crystal clear is very important in the law firm.

  • Socializing –

Next is socializing. It is very similar to communicating though. However, while socializing, you won’t just talk with your clients but also potential witnesses and other significant characters. Basically, you will have to extend your reach to all those involved in the case you’re dealing with. This way you’ll get a broader perspective of the entire situation which will then help you with your work.    

  • Documenting –

Documenting is mainly for a litigation lawyer Singapore. It is where you deal with all the legal documents regarding your cases. These documents can be directly linked to your clients and their actions or can be about your studies and findings. Besides, here may be situations where the entire case revolves around documents that have disrespected the law. As a lawyer, you will have to handle those as well.

  • Negotiating –

Then comes negotiating where you have to talk with opponents, juries and judges while voicing out your opinions. It is not that easy though. You will also have to be convincing enough to make them see your points as strongly as you do. Good negotiation skills can easily pave your way to success.  

  • Representing –

Lastly, when you have collected all your documents and evidences comes the time for you to represent. Finally, you represent your client in whatever field you are required to thereby marking the end of the case.

Conclusion –

Now it is time to jump into conclusions. The blog has intended to bring to you a detailed perspective about Civil Lawyers. Well, they deserve an entire page dedicated to them. Anyways, the main intention was certainly to help you with your research. Hopefully, it did that.

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