Tips For Drying Out Home After Water Damage

Water damage can cause structural malfunctions in your home and lead to mold formation in certain places. So, you need to clean up and dry out the area properly to prevent mold growth after facing storm damage in your location. 

However, you should hire a trusted restoration company to restore the water damage. They use modern technology and high-end equipment to dry out the affected areas quickly to ensure you do not face mold development there. 

If you are looking for a reliable contractor for home damage restoration in Bay Area, then you should contact Restoration Bay. Now let’s discuss a few tips to dry out your home after water damage.  

Remove all the items to a safe place

You should remove the furniture and other belongings to a safe place to make the cleaning and drying process easy. If your floor space will be clean, then you can easily try out different methods to dry the affected area. 

Remove water from the floor

Now, you should use cotton clothes or a wiper to remove water from your home. You can also use microfiber clothes that will absorb water quickly to facilitate easy drying. 

Improve the ventilation system of your house

After facing water damage, you can ventilate your entire home to facilitate quick drying. Open all the windows, fans, and vents to facilitate good airflow into your home. This way, you can get rid of bad odors and also help the walls and floors to dry out quickly. 

You can also improve the ventilation system of your house by adding big windows in your home. Consult a professional if you are confused about how to improve the ventilation system in your home. 

Use dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier can help absorb excess moisture from your home and thus can make the air dry. This further helps to speed up the drying process. So, you can invest in dehumidifiers to dry out the affected areas after water damage. 

Clean and hang carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs absorb the excess amount of water and damage the furniture and other items indirectly. So, you should remove the carpets and rugs from the affected area and clean them with disinfectants. Then, hang them in a sunny location to dry them out completely. 

Dry out walls

Remove water from the walls with the help of a wiper. Then, you can use dryers to dry out the excess water on your walls. You can also use cotton clothes to wipe off the excess water from your walls. Switch on the fans to speed up the drying process. When the walls dry out completely, you can repaint them with a fresh coat of paint to make them look fresh. 

Repair leaky taps

You can repair leaky taps with the help of a professional so that you do not face further water damage in your home. To speed up drying, you should stop the source of water leakage first. 

Consult a professional

You can consult a professional damage restoration company to clean and dry out excess water quickly from the affected area. They use modern technology to disinfect your home and clean the water completely from your home. 


Water damage can be very dangerous as it causes many fungal and bacterial infections in the long run. Standing water can help the mosquitoes breed more quickly. This might cause malaria and dengue in your home. 

Moreover, water can damage the valuable items in your home. Hence, you should call a professional damage restoration company to speed up the drying process so that you do not face many losses due to water damage. 


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