Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Dedicated Servers

Hosting was formerly an unimportant technical concern; however, it is now an essential element of operations. Since businesses have much higher demands for online resources, shared Webhosting may need to be upgraded. You probably went with shared hosting, as most first-time website owners do. When you first launched your website, you likely opted for shared hosting, much like many other new site proprietors. After all, it is an inexpensive option, and cost is an essential factor. However, as your website evolves, you must know when to upgrade to a more robust platform. And one of the best options is dedicated servers KSA.

Dedicated servers

A dedicated server is a specific infrastructure dedicated to a single client; all of the server’s resources are yours alone, and no one else has access to them, as opposed to a public server, which is accessible to everyone. The data center in which the dedicated server resides may be that of the company itself or a third party.A dedicated hosting is a server whose sole function is to help your business to run smoothly. Instead of using a personal computer, businesses can use low-cost dedicated server hosting, which gives them access to the same enterprise-level hardware resources as larger businesses.

When you choose a cheap dedicated server hosting, you rent out an entire server for your website’s exclusive use. Its enormous power and flexibility come at a price, though. Therefore, before deciding to get such a plan, it is crucial to conduct adequate study.

For instance, most websites begin life on a shared hosting plan but quickly exhaust their resources. A Saudi VPS (virtual private server) or cheap dedicated servers may be the best choice here. It is up to you to consider all of the possibilities.

However, with the best-dedicated server hosting, you have full control over the customizability of your gaming environment. Games with Dedicated servers are ideal for gamers who demand a high-quality server to play their favorite games.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Server

Like cloud hosting, dedicated hosting ranks as one of the most powerful server options. On the other hand, you could be wondering if you need it. Let’s look at the five benefits of putting money down now.

1.     Your site needs to accommodate more traffic as it grows.

If you predict that your website will continue to expand quickly, choosing the best-dedicated server hosting today would be a smart idea. For instance, if your site uses shared hosting and suddenly experiences many visitors, its performance may suffer. This may lead to a downward cycle of increasing bounce rates and declining profits. Your site needs time to move and settle into its new environment before any issues can develop.

In addition, whether your website is experiencing an increase in visitors. If the numbers are significantly higher than before, it may be time to upgrade your plan. Your options include virtual private server hosting, cloud hosting, and hetzner dedicated server.

For promotions and special events, your site should be ready for spikes in traffic of up to 30 times typical. If unprepared, your site may crash or provide a poor user experience (UX).

2.     Your website’s security is a major issue.

Every website needs security measures, but those dealing with private information need them significantly. Emails, credit card numbers, and other sensitive customer information could fall into this category. You must keep your website and user data safe from viruses and hackers.With a dedicated server, you can keep your website safe. This implies that you may tailor the experience to the precise needs of your website and data. The flexibility to do so is great, but it comes with the responsibility of deciding exactly how those features will be implemented.However, some hosts provide fully and partially managed maintenance plans. In a nutshell, you can frequently specify what you and your host will be responsible for, allowing you to delegate mission-critical functionality to an expert while managing all other concerns yourself.

3.     Page loading times should be ideal.

The effectiveness of your entire website can be adversely affected by how long pages take to load. Poor page load times can negatively impact user engagement and increase bounce rates. And best-dedicated server will allow you to fine-tune this part of your website to perfection.If you have a shared hosting plan for your website,  you may need to find out when other users are accessing the server’s resources, which could slow down your site’s performance. And 10 Gbps dedicated server is a way forward if faster page loads are important.

4.     You desire control over your server.

Dedicated Hosting gives you more control over your online environment than shared or virtual private servers. As mentioned, you have full control over the server’s configuration and content with dedicated hosting.For instance, you can use whatever server software you like. You can switch from Apache to NGINX if you want better control over your server’s resources. Also, the hardware settings and OS can be customized to suit your needs. Advanced web developers and others with specific needs may find dedicated hosting an attractive alternative.

5.     Large Storage Capacity

Further to our previous section, dedicated servers give the tenant full access to the server and the flexibility to tailor the service to their requirements. This implies they have the potential for huge storage capacity, providing the tenant with all the space they’ll need to keep massive programs and databases running smoothly. Since several tenants use shared resources, there is typically a cap on the space each tenant can use for storage.


If your website struggles to handle a rise in traffic, it may be a good idea to migrate to a dedicated server. A dedicated server hosting offers numerous advantages that shared server resources cannot provide. This is essentially a server that hosts only your website, and it can increase not only the performance of your site but also page loading times and security. Temok’s SAUDI ARABIA Based Dedicated Servers is unique because our servers have newer configurations, flexible management, excellent customer support, and competitive prices.


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