What is the CISA Certification Exam?

It’s difficult to imagine a firm that doesn’t rely on some sort of information technology as its foundation for operations. But, the reality is that most firms have many business-critical information systems that may need private data, including financial information, personal information, or even trade secrets.

What is the CISA Exam?

To keep this sensitive data secure, organisations want IT auditing professionals who are knowledgeable about things like required controls and safety features. As it has become a popular compliance IS review service for businesses and organisations all over the world, the CISA (certified information system auditor), an information system auditor recognised by ISACA, plays a crucial part in this. The 150 cisa test questions span 5 different subject areas, and they must be answered in less than 4 hours.

Best way to prepare and pass the CISA Exam

Remember that the information system auditor (IS) stands as follows: Applicants do not often conflate IS safety auditors with IS auditors. Recall that just 25% of the review’s scope is protected, despite the fact that data preservation is a crucial concern in one of the CISA sectors (protection of knowledge assets). Additional topics include IT management, acquisition, development, and deployment of IT systems, as well as IT system operations, maintenance, and service management. So, CISM, an optional high-level certificate offered by ISACA and centred on the management of information security, may be a better alternative if you want to enhance your career as an expert in information security.

Train to believe Like an IS Auditor: As previously indicated, CISA certification is designed exclusively for information system auditors. For those with a strong technical background but limited auditing expertise, a special effort should be made to protect the auditor’s vision right away. On the other hand, auditors with little technical knowledge need to make sure the fundamental ideas behind the CISA’s five domains are well understood.

It’s also crucial to bear in mind that the personal experience could be useless: whether it’s an industry standard or the best practises your organisation has implemented, it won’t be helpful during the examination if it isn’t exactly in line with ISACA’s thinking.

Read the ISACA Exam Candidate Information Guide: Each year, ISACA adds a wealth of important exam material to its Candidate Handbook. The manual is available for free download here. No applicant may take the CISA test unless they have read this material. It goes through topics including the exam registration procedure, deadlines, and applicant information for the main exam day administration.

Utilizing ISACA Resources: Excellent materials for test preparation may be found in official ISACA papers. I urge you to review the CISA Review Handbook, a thorough resource on test candidate preparedness (CRM). The CRM, which is currently in its 26th edition, is consistently sound, updated by the most recent CISA work standard, and provides the most recent IS inspection, verification, safety, and control resources available for the analysis, complete, peer-reviewed.

Use the CISA Analysis’s Concerns, Answers, and Explanations List or the CISA Analysis’s Search, Respond, and Explanation Guide if you have questions about training. Even though they are not individual assessments, the two 1,000-question test can help CISA applicants better comprehend the structure and content of the material that will be reviewed. It goes into great depth on both the right answer and the wrong choice, which provides a great understanding of the subjects by sprintzeal.

Leverage Free Exam Prep Resources:

The official ISACA papers, when read as previously said, are unquestionably the greatest method for exam preparation. In addition to charging for its guides and query libraries, ISACA also provides a tonne of free study materials. First of all, the 50-question test review for each topic covered by the CISA Self-assessment corresponds to the right percentage of the exam time allotted. The ISACA Glossary, which provides detailed definitions for each word, is a significant free resource for terms used in CISA areas. Whether you focus on exam themes or not, the ISACA Knowledge Centre contains a wealth of free resources and publications.

Develop a personalized study plan for you: You will be tested in five areas covering a variety of topics as part of the CISA assessment. You must use caution while sampling, doing fake training, participating in online forums, and spending more time reviewing areas that require improvement. Without appropriate planning, your chances of achievement will decrease. It’s crucial to create a study schedule that suits your needs; even a simple to-do list can help.

Getting involved in an exam prep course:

Although using a self-study strategy may sound daring, it is not the ideal course of action. Even for entry-level positions, it is crucial that you comprehend the value of an evaluation and that you possess in-depth knowledge of a number of subjects. Even though you have real-world experience, you could not have any experience since the qualification body’s viewpoint differs from the activities you engage in in the field.

You should spend some time working with an experienced teacher who has completed a certificate training programme and knows how to ace the exam.


In conclusion, obtaining the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification can be a valuable asset for professionals seeking to advance their careers in the field of information systems auditing and cybersecurity. CISA certification holders are recognized as experts in the field, and their skills and knowledge are highly sought after by organizations around the world.


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