Which Area Is The Best To Live In Kuwait?

How to choose one of the best places to live in Kuwait?

If you have decided to move and rent in hawally Kuwait and start a new chapter in your life, you should be prepared for the changes that are to come. Choosing the best location for your new home can be a challenge. However, there is an easy way to narrow your search. Before choosing one of the best places to live in Kuwait, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Not all cities in Kuwait offer the same lifestyle.While some are known as the country’s industrial areas, others are more suited to locals.
  • Check general living expenses before traveling to Kuwait.
  • When you leave the US or Europe, you should consider hiring help. In order to pack your bags and rent in mubarak al kabeer hassle-free, you may have to pay for professional moving services.
  • If you are looking for job opportunities in Kuwait, you are in luck!There are many vacancies and many require knowledge of the English language.
  • Before you pack your things and ship them to Kuwait, do your research. The more information you have about the lifestyle and costs in a new city, the easier it will be for you to adapt to the changes.


The Gulf state of Kuwait has its capital in Kuwait City.

This region is one of the best for expatriate settlement in terms of industrialization, job opportunities and security. For both local and foreign parents, the high level of primary, secondary and higher education in the city can be reassuring. But the cost is high, even by standard of living.

This will allow you to weigh your options and even if you work in Kuwait you will find the best Salwa rentals close to the capital.

2.Capital or (Al Asimah)

Meaning “Capital” in Arabic, this region is one of Kuwait’s six governorates.

Al Asimah’s widespread commercial activity makes it a desirable place to rent in al asimah kuwait and the city attracts increasing visitors.

Many foreigners take advantage of this situation by relocating to the area and taking advantage of the abundance of available jobs.

Some of the most well-known establishments in this area include the Sheraton Hotel, the JW Marriot, the Liberation Tower (the world’s tallest communications tower), and The Avenues Mall. In the opinion of many international residents, this is a fantastic location to set up shop.


Due to the numerous oil refineries, the area is often referred to as the “bread and butter” of Kuwait. However, it is an entire city unto itself, with residential and commercial elements.

The apartments and villas here are built with a more western aesthetic as most of the expats living there are westerners.

This is a fantastic place for expats looking for a classy, ​​affordable home.

4.Al Farwaniyah

If you are not looking for a luxurious lifestyle in Kuwait, you should move to this city. Although Al Farwaniyah is not one of the largest cities in the country, it is a great place for families.

citizen needs about 430,000 dinars to buy a 400 m2 building. On the other hand, it is incredible that for this amount (300,000 dinars) or even a little less one can afford a luxury villa of over 600 square meters with impressive panoramas and exceptional features in certain American cities. 

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