Which Speed Cubes Are the Best?

There are plenty of speed cubes on the market to choose from. But which one is the best?

Whether you’re new to cubing or a speedcubing veteran, there’s a cube out there that will suit your needs.

The best speed cubes are designed to move quickly and flexibly. This will allow you to focus on strategy building, problem-solving, and recognizing patterns.

1. GAN 356 M

The GAN 356 M is a mid-priced speed cube that offers a modern, smooth and stable feel. It comes with GAN’s unique hand adjustable Numerical IPG Core and a set of spare GES nuts, making it an excellent option for speedcubers on a budget who like the simplicity of GAN engineering.

This is a popular 3×3 from GAN that has quickly become a favorite among elite speedcubers and hobbyists alike. It has a unique and luxurious feel that has impressed many top solvers.

It also has a number of adjustment possibilities through the dual-adjustment Numerical IPG core and alternate GES spring options. The GES (gesium-encapsulated spring) nuts are turned by hand and click into position at two modes which represent different elasticity strengths, making it easier to tune your cube.

It is available in a standard version that comes with 3 additional sets of GES nuts to swap out, and in a “Lite” version that only comes with one set of GES nuts. The Lite version does not come with the GAN tension tool and has fewer customization options than the standard version.

2. YJ Yulong V2M

The YJ Yulong V2 M is one of the best budget cubes currently available on the market. It features an updated design with more ridges in the corners and edges, as well as slots for the magnets.

It also comes in a stickerless version, which is a nice touch! It has medium magnets that give it a premium feel similar to high-end speed cubes.

Overall, this is a great entry level 3×3 for anyone starting out in speed cubing or looking for a new puzzle to play when on the go. It’s fast and controllable out of the box, with precisely positioned magnets, deeper groove at the corner pieces, spacious torpedo design and anti slip center cap.

I’ve used this cube a few times and it’s very well made and feels really solid. It’s not quite as smooth as the MoYu RS3M with Maglev but it’s pretty close and has good control, so I would definitely recommend it!

3. MoYu RS3M with Maglev

MoYu RS3M has been around for quite a while, and it’s one of the most popular speed cubes in the market. It’s also one of the best value cubes in the world!

This new MagLev version of the RS3M uses magnetic levitation technology instead of springs, which eliminates friction and makes it much faster out of the box. It’s also one of the first factory-produced speed cubes with this new mechanism.

Compared to the previous version, the RS3M Maglev is quite a bit faster but has more control. It is a little dry out out of the box and needs a little lube, but it does a great job. It’s the perfect middle ground between fast and controllable. It isn’t quite as sturdily constructed as the Tornado 2022 or the Meilong M, but it is still a really good cube that you can get for a decent price. I think that it will be an excellent addition to the MoYu line of budget speed cubes.

4. Weilong WRM 2021

The Weilong WRM 2021 is MoYu’s latest flagship 3×3 speed cube that has adjustable magnets and a smooth compact feel. It also features a dual adjustment system with 9 levels of elasticity and a total of 45 combinations of feel.

The MoYu Weilong WR M 2021 MagLev has an interesting new magnetic suspension and the best part is that it omits the traditional spring compression and tension system. Instead of the usual springs, this cube features two repelling magnets which allow it to create a much more elastic feeling and reduce friction, and therefore noise.

It comes with a screwdriver, compression and magnet adjustment tools and a stand. It also weighs just over 84 grams and is the same cube as the regular WR M 2021 with a few less extras to lug around. This is the best of all worlds if you want an awesome looking, amazingly functional and fast cube without paying the hefty price tag.

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